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Amazon unveiled the smart AI assistant a few years ago in 2014. Once the people started buying and using this particular device, they got to understand how amazing it is. The main idea behind releasing a product like this was that people would be easily able to search for anything on the internet and get answers without ever leaving their place. The human voice is such a great thing as it allows us to communicate to each other without physically moving our bodies to another place. Amazon Alexa is a great device which also lets the users set their own commands so as to make it prominent for various developers around the world. Now, people would be easily able to make up their own commands and personalize the whole experience according to all the things that are required by the user. Once the person has started off with the device and has started using it, the person becomes more susceptible to doing much more advanced things than what is required to just survive. People have always loved products that offer customizability to the user and which let us do the things to the extreme. To make specific changes to the whole interface, the user is required to do various tasks according to the guide.

A few features of this Amazon Alexa device are written below.

  • Hands free operation that won’t require you to touch the device itself.
  • This device includes a Smart Speaker that is built in to the machine so as to help everyone who uses it. This feature can be used to listen to radio, videos and other stuff.
  • Ask various types of questions to this machine by saying “Alexa”, followed with the question sentence.
  • Connect the Echo Dot to an external speaker with the help of a 3.5 mm Audio Jack Cable.
  • Order food online from various services that are available to the user that will allow the user to perform a hands free operation.
  • Listen to radio over the internet with the help of services like Tune In, Spotify and other services.

To make it easy for all of our followers on how to setup an Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker, we will be looking over the below guide. This guide was written by us in a very easy language so the maximum amount of people can understand how the whole setup thing is completed. Finally, let’s start the procedure.

  1. The first step is to take out the Amazon Alexa device (The Echo Dot) out of the box.
  2. When the device is out, you would be needed to connect a power cable to the Amazon Alexa device, i.e., the Echo Dot.
  3. Turn on the switch so as to power on the whole Echo Dot.
  4. When this step is complete, you would then be required to go to your Smartphone and download the official Amazon Alexa app from the App/Play Store. This will enable you to connect to your own Amazon Echo device.
  5. Once this thing is done, you would be required to press the Action button on your own Amazon Alexa enabled Echo Dot. Keep it pressed for a few seconds until the echo dot changes it color!
  6. When that happens, you would be required to go to the Amazon Alexa app that you just installed on your phone and open it.
  7. It will then ask you to connect to the Amazon Alexa enabled Echo Dot device’s WiFi network.
  8. Once you have done that, the whole setup process will be complete after you have signed in to your Amazon Alexa.
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