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One of the biggest tech release in the past few years, the Amazon Alexa is a voice activated smart speaker that is connected to the internet. The name “Alexa” is actually the name of the built in virtual assistant that lives inside the speaker. Alexa is an Artificial Intelligence or AI that lives inside the Echo. The user just has to speak and the Artificial Intelligence or Alexa will respond. Instead of a wired or a robotic voice, the Alexa sounds far more natural. It’s almost like having another person talk back to you. The Echo (speaker) is around 9.5 inches tall, cylindrical shaped speaker that can be easily placed on any flat surface. Alexa can answer any questions, follow the instructions or control the smart devices in the homes.

What is Amazon Alexa?

The Amazon Alexa is a standalone Bluetooth Speaker that is filled with various microphones that can hear the user from a fairly moderate distance. The Alexa also contains a Wi-Fi connection to the Amazon Cloud.

The user can simply wake the device by saying “Alexa”, which is the default name of the virtual assistant. Once the speaker hears the wake word, the ring at the top of the Alexa will turn blue which will indicate that the speaker is actively listening for the user’s command or question. The user can then ask any question and Alexa will provide an answer or a quick summary. The voice recognition in Alexa is far better than any other, and the user will not have to repeat themselves over and over again.
The user can stream music of their choice, get the latest weather or news updates, create to-do lists and a lot more. The user can also set reminders or alarms with the help of Amazon Alexa. No longer do the users have to take their phones out their pockets and search for any query that they might have. The user can simply speak up and ask Alexa the question, and Alexa will provide the user with a very quick verbal reply.

alexa setup

How Alexa works?

Whenever any user asks Alexa any question or gives her a command, the Echo records the audio and uploads it to the Amazon’s Cloud servers. These servers then translate the audio in text format and then figure out the best possible way for Alexa to provide the user with an answer. That information is then sent back to the speaker where Alexa translates the text back into a vocal response. And the most surprising thing is that all of this just happens within a second.

What can Amazon Alexa do?

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There are huge possibilities as to what Amazon Alexa can do. Here, we will provide you with some of the main things that it can do. They are:

  • Music Playback – Alexa can play any song, genres, artists or albums. The user can choose between a huge number of default music libraries and the user can also choose between a number of service stations as their default. Alexa also supports audiobooks, can be asked for live radio broadcasts, access to sport events and newscasts as well.
  • Smart Home Control – Alexa has the ability to work with numerous smart devices in the user’s home. Now, the user can control most of their devices with just their voice command with the help of Amazon Alexa. For example, the user can connect their smart lights, cameras, home security systems, any Wi-Fi enabled devices and a lot more. The user can simply connect all the devices that they wish using the Amazon Alexa app, which will enable the user to control all their devices using the voice command through Alexa.
  • General Knowledge – The Amazon Alexa will prove to be quite useful in gaining knowledge all around the globe on any topic. The user just has to ask Alexa a question or their query, and it will provide the user with an answer.
  • Alarms – Amazon Alexa can be used as an alarm clock or a timer in the user’s house. If the user wishes to set a quick kitchen timer when the user is preoccupied with other things, Alexa can do it for them. The user can even set an alarm through Alexa, containing various classic alarm tones or the user can simply choose to wake up to their favorite songs.
  • Messaging or Calling – Alexa can also be used to call or send messages to the user’s friends or family members’ Echo devices. The user can even ask Alexa to dial a number for them. No longer do the users have to lift their fingers to do anything. The user can even answer any calls they wish to receive by simple saying “Alexa, answer the call”. The user can also call any emergence number such as 911 or any other helpline number or international number, but for that the user has to buy an Echo Connect which plugs the Alexa to the user’s existing home phone line.

The user an even teach a new skill to Alexa from the thousands of skills that can be taught to Alexa without any cost. For example, the user can teach Alexa to order food, making certain kinds of noises or any other skill that the user has the requirement for. The user can enable the skills from the Skill section of the Alexa app.

Here, we will help the users understand Alexa better by providing the troubleshooting steps to setup, to login to the account using the Amazon app.

Before the user begins with the setup process, there are some prerequisites required:

·      Make sure that the Amazon Echo is plugged into a power source and is switched on.

·      The Alexa app has been downloaded and opened.

If the user hasn’t downloaded the Alexa app, they can follow these steps:

·      From the phone, open the google play store or iOs app store and search for “Alexa app”.

·      Select the same app and download it on your device.

·      If the user wishes to download it on their WI-Fi enabled computer, the user can simply open an internet browser and type in the address bar and press enter.

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